Raised floors

the constantly increase in the amount of technological equipment and workstation systems (electrical, telephone and computer networks, heating and air conditioning systems), try to ensure that the working conditions for the staff were pleasant and also allowed greater efficiency, creating the raised floors increasingly sought element.

Their main advantage is the possibility to organize cables and pipes below the level of any actual wear layer. This type of flooring is mounted on the supporting substructure and consists of modules – panels that can be easily removed if necessary or replaced if it’s damaged.

Ceramics for raised floors is offered in a wide range of colors, finishes and sizes.

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External raised floor

When the raised floors are instaled in the exterior, the joints between panels stay open so the rainwater can flow between them. This makes it possible to create a flat surface to walk, which does not collect water. Impermeable layer under the raised floor which is at slope diverts rainwater away. Construction of raised floor is consisted of polypropylene wide mount , with rounded edges, preventing damage to the insulating film. Another advantage of this system: in case of damage to the insulating film is the ability to intervene quickly without masonry work. Raised floors are freezeproof, so they can be used even under unfavorable climatic conditions.

Internal raised floor

Raised floor offers many advantages – from a functional and from a design point of view.

• encourage innovation and creativity – designers are no longer limited to the arrangement of equipment in the room, so you can use the maximum freedom of choice in the draft.

• from a structural point of view, raised floors allow you to cover the existing floor, with systems and cabling under the raised floor can easily be subjected to checks or possible replacement.

• thanks to its flexible, dynamic and practical design, raised floor can be used both for new buildings and reconstructions.

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