Products from recycled rubber

Products from recycled rubber can be used as a surface for playgrounds, sports fields and horse stables. Another way to use of this product allows the control sound and vibration or noise tramlines.

The control sound and vibration

Thanks to the unique technical properties of the base material, these products are ideal for use as a means of dampening noise and vibration.

Sports fields

The material can be used as a walkable area in gyms, stadiums, athletic stadiums and sports fields.

Surface for playgrounds

Products intended for use on playgrounds are virtually maintenance free and retain its long-term and structural properties. Due to the special features you can create a very well accessible playground. On a contrasting color surface are clearly visible dangerous objects ( broken glass, needles, cigarette butts ), which can also be quickly and easily removed. The surfaces are permeable and allow drainage of rainwater. Variable thickness of each element allows you to create a safe space for movement of children during field installation of various game elements.

Horse stables

Products from recycled rubber can be used in these devices. Special coating absorbs shock and slip through the safe movement of horses on ths surface. Products can be supplied in two forms: water permeable or impermeable products. This variability allows the use of products for different purposes, from walkable outdoor areas, housing over to the detergent box.

Other use options

The products are very flexible and have such a great variety of applications. Possible to create a driveway surfaces, balconies, terraces , flat roofs or as the surface near the pools. Some of this examples can be found in the gallery below.

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